Bamboo From Colombia


Known scientifically as guadua angustifolia kunth, guadua is characterized by its resistance and durability; it is one of the few bamboo species certified for structural use. This ‘steel of the plant world’ is also a light and flexible material that can be used in low cost seismic-resistant buildings.  

Traditionally, guadua has been used extensively for construction in coffee-producing regions. New techniques have been developed in recent years that allow using guadua in increasingly complex and demanding structures, such as large span roofs or hanging bridges.

Guadua is a versatile material, used for the construction of fences, vessels, musical instruments and countless other products. It is a component of interior designs worldwide, as it is used for the manufacture of floors, furniture, lamps and decorative objects.

Guadua forests promote the well-functioning of the water cycle, protecting water sources and regulating flows. They also act as barriers against erosion, capture CO2, and are central components of ecosystems of the highest biodiversity. The proper extraction of guadua preserves these ecosystems and strengthens guadua forests by facilitating a more orderly plant regeneration.


Bambú de Colombia will offer to the various markets a product with the best specifications in its kind, produced in a renewable and sustainable way.